A Qualified Pediatrician In Baton Rouge

When searching for an on-campus or off-campus pediatrician, one should consider working with a board certified pediatrician. A board certified pediatrician is trained through a national board of examiners. He or she has passed the board’s rigorous requirements and is also insured by the state medical board. They have experience treating children and meeting specific criteria set by the American Board of Pediatrics. The pediatrician in Baton Rouge has met these specific requirements and is therefore one of the best doctors you can choose to build a long term relationship with.

Pediatrician: Expertise, Specialities, and Training

If you are looking for an on-campus Pediatrician Baton Rouge or elsewhere in the area, or for an independent pediatrician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or anywhere else in the world, this physician has more than four decades of experience in treating all types of children. The doctor has served on the faculty at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine as well as being a practicing family practitioner for 13 years. He or she has treated all types of children with many different conditions, diseases, and disorders, and has always been honest and upright in his or her dealings with his or her patients.

Dr. William F. Perkins, Jr. is a well-respected pediatrician who practices in Baton Rouge. In addition to treating children, he treats adults with all kinds of illnesses, diseases, and disorders. He serves as a medical advisor to several families in Louisiana. Dr. Perkins has written numerous books on health topics and is a regular commentator on TV shows concerning medical issues.

Dr. William F. Perkins, Jr. has been a practicing family physician for thirteen years. Prior to that, he was a practicing neurosurgery. During his time as a neurosurgeon, he had performed many surgeries on men and women suffering from severe brain defects and birth defects. His specialty is Cerebral Palsy, which is a developmental disorder caused by damage to the brain, usually caused during birth. Dr. Perkins worked for The Baptist Medical College in New Orleans for two years, working in their pediatric neurosurgery department.

Dr. William F. Perkins, Jr. is a qualified and experienced pediatrician in Baton Rouge. If you are seeking a good pediatrician, it would be a good idea to check out the recommendations of others who have personally dealt with him or her. For more information, visit Goodwood Pediatric clinic for Louisiana, a private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing excellent medical care for children. For additional information, call (830) 615-5100.

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